As writers, how do we tackle ‘writing the other’? Clue: asking this question is missing the point.

All ‘narrative modes’ means is the different ways of telling a story. They’re the techniques for presenting your world, characters, themes & ideas.

The five narrative modes (ways of telling a story) are:

Want to know how to reel readers in and keep them hooked? Be specific.

Twitter is a simple marketing tool, right?

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The best time to post on Twitter is…

Do social media right — or not at all.

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How to blog your way to more writing work.

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How to do it and what to include to attract clients.

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Renting vs. buying

Seeing 2020

And how having one helps you earn more money as a writer

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To niche or not to niche?

How to change your mindset so you can quit your day job and be a freelance writer instead.

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Save time and sky-rocket the quality of your blog posts.

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